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Offer your child a world of opportunities!

Have your child become fluent in both of Canada’s official languages.

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is a national non-profit organization working to create and promote French Second Language (FSL) educational and cultural opportunities for all youth in Canada. CPF Ontario is a provincial branch of the organization, providing support for FSL across the province.

Why is learning French important?

It boosts your child’s brain!

Research shows that learning a second or third language helps cognitive capacity by improving brain development, listening skills, and abstract thinking.

It is a Canadian language; it is a global language!

One in four Canadians speaks French and French is the official language in more than 35 countries around the world.

More job opportunities!

There is a huge demand for bilingual and multilingual staff in every sector of Canada’s economy – from medicine and engineering to technology, teaching, and government. A working knowledge of French also makes available job opportunities around the world.

More post-secondary and extracurricular choices!

With French your child’s university options broaden and more scholarships and bursaries are available. Also, your child can take advantage of many cultural and employment exchanges both in Canada and abroad. French is a key to a more exciting and lucrative future!

What is French Immersion?

The French Immersion program is designed to provide non-francophone children with a high degree of proficiency in the French language. Students in English schools do not just learn French as a subject but, instead, French becomes the language of instruction in which much of the curriculum is taught. Early French Immersion starts in kindergarten or Grade 1. Depending on the school district or province, there may be other entry points available in later grades, generally known as Middle and Late Immersion.

How will my child learn English?

Students in Early French Immersion receive anywhere from 100% to 50% of their instruction time in French for the first few years of the program. In most provinces, English is introduced in Grade 2 or 3. By Grade 4 your child’s English skills will most likely have caught up to their peers in the English program. Over time, the hours of French instruction decrease and English hours increase. By Grade 9, students in French Immersion take at least half of their classes in English. Students also speak English in the playground, and continue to develop English skills while engaged in sports and other extracurricular activities.

I do not speak French. How can I help my child?

Most parents whose children are enroled in French Immersion do not speak French. Fortunately, there are still many things you can do at home to help your child succeed in French Immersion, such as reading together in your first language and encouraging a positive attitude towards learning and education. Some schools have translators available to assist parents and guardians whose first language is neither French nor English.

How do I enroll my child?

Check with your school district early to find out when registration opens and to locate the French Immersion school closest to you. You can enrol your child in French Immersion at no cost to you. No previous knowledge of French is required and anyone may access the program where it is offered, provided that space is available. Enrolment usually takes place the year before the entry point into the French Immersion program.

Why choose French Immersion?

· To give your child the lifelong gift of learning another language

· To boost your child’s self-esteem and intellectual ability

· To open the door to a wider world of study, travel and employment

· To take advantage of Canada’s most popular educational program of choice

Are there any other French language learning program options?

Across Canada, other program options exist for learning French, including Core French, Extended French, and Intensive French. The availability of each program is dependant on the individual school, school district, or province and will result in varying degrees of proficiency dependant on the number of hours of French instruction.

What is Core French?

Offered throughout Canada, Core French, also known as Basic French, is taught as one subject within a school’s curriculum and is mandatory in several provinces. Students receive approximately 20-40 minutes of French instruction per day, depending on the individual school, school district, or province. Core French is usually introduced between kindergarten and Grade 4 and can continue into high school. Core French does not typically result in as high a level of French proficiency as the French Immersion program but, instead, is aimed at providing basic communication skills and an appreciation of French culture in Canada and around the world.

Contact your local school board to find out the scheduled date for French Immersion information night in your area, along with the registration deadline to enrol your child in French Immersion.

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Prepare for the world of tomorrow by enrolling your child in French Immersion today!


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