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Conversational French Course

Looking for an engaging way to learn French? Why not organize an adult conversational French course in your community.

Learn to confidently greet others, meet new people, talk about your personal interests, have a simple conversation, begin to travel, and more! This French course was designed so that it aligns with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which is now the one of the fundamental elements of the French Second Language (FSL) curriculum in Ontario schools. In this way, the learning goals and themes will be based on authentic communication skills and strategies. Language development will arise when participants engage in interaction linked to everyday scenarios.

Vocabulary, structures, verb conjugation, and so forth will emerge within a meaningful context as opposed to in isolation. Experiencing language learning in this way deepens and expedites learning because it is based on real-life language needs and demands. The learner can see and understand more clearly how the new language works and fits together.

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