The Brain Boosting Power of Bilingualism Delays Dementia

//The Brain Boosting Power of Bilingualism Delays Dementia

The Brain Boosting Power of Bilingualism Delays Dementia

Bilingualism delays the symptoms of dementia. In a study believed to be the first to investigate conversion times from mild cognitive impairment to full blown Alzheimer’s in monolingual and bilingual patients, York University researchers have added to the growing body of evidence that bilinguals are more resilient in dealing with neurodegeneration than monolinguals. After five years of research, Ellen Bialystok, a Distinguished Research Professor at York University collaborated with the Baycrest Health Sciences’ Rotman Institute and have concluded that patients who are bilingual have a higher cognitive reserve than patients who are monolingual. Having a high cognitive reserve provides the brain with protection in a similar fashion to sandbags protecting one’s homes from flooding by keeping the water out for as long as it can. This means that bilingual patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s get to live independently and get to keep their connections with their family and friends longer than those who speak just one language. Since there is no cure or effective treatment for Alzheimer’s or dementia, investing in your children’s bilingualism could be the best gift you can give them.

If you’re looking for activities that will help your children improve their French, our partner York University’s Glendon Campus has programming that is designed to give students an opportunity to apply their skills, expand their vocabulary, and learn important skills and competencies by participating in interactive workshops. Introducing Glendon’s Brain Boosting Workshops (Activez vos neurones !). This program is for secondary students who are enrolled in Core, Extended, French Immersion or French Language Schools (grades 9 to 12). These workshops will support student’s in-class (and online) learning in French while giving them the opportunity to use their French. Our Facilitators and Moderators will ensure that all participants will feel at ease.

They are offering a FREE virtual Brain Boosting Camp in August. You can sign your bilingual teen up for one or sign up for them all!

  • August 4th – 7th the focus is on Financial Literacy and how to Interview for a job. Each day features Franco-fun activities
  • August 10th to 14th we are offering a 5-Part Series on Environmental Communications. For students who participate in the entire series, they will earn a certificate that includes their personal pledge on how they will strive to be kinder to our planet.

Don’t delay, register today. It’s free! Spaces are limited.

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