Teaching Staff In the Spotlight

//Teaching Staff In the Spotlight

Teaching Staff In the Spotlight

Every year, IDÉLLO awards exceptional teachers and educators by organizing the IDÉLLO Prize. Colleagues and parents are encouraged to nominate teachers and educators who are passionate about their job, have a real impact on students’ life. They also inspire students and colleagues and have a strong sense of innovation in terms of educational activities.

To reflect the diversity of the Canadian francophonie, IDÉLLO has created four prize categories: French Teacher in a French-language school in Ontario, French Teacher in a French-language school outside Ontario, French as a second-language Teacher in Canada (including immersion, core and intensive French programs) and Early Childhood Educator in Ontario.

This year, IDÉLLO has partners to pay tribute to the teaching staff’s contribution. IDÉLLO is proud to announce that the Prize – French Teacher in a French-language school in Ontario – is presented in partnership with AEFO; and the Prize – Early Childhood Educator in partnership with AFÉSEO.

Winners will be selected by education professionals and will get classroom equipment worth $1000, a $150 gift card, a video portrait shot inside their school and much more.

With this contest, IDÉLLO values and awards leading-edge education professionals. The prize reinforces its mission: support teachers and educators who teach in French. IDÉLLO appreciates all their accomplishments to keep the francophonie alive in Canada.

This year, nominations are open until April 19th, 2020. Who will be the exceptional teachers and educators? Their fate is in your hands!

Nominate an exceptional teacher or educator today!

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