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CPF Ontario’s response to the February 6, 2017 Globe & Mail article on the Supply and Recruitment of French Second Language (FSL) Teachers in Ontario

CPF Ontario’s response

Capping French Immersion Programs

Capping French Immersion Programs

Ottawa Carleton District School Board

January 2016 OPEN LETTER to OCDSB Trustees
RE: Proposed Changes to French Instruction for Kindergarten and Primary Early French Immersion

October 2015, Open Letter to Parents and Teachers of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board in response to the proposed changes to French Instruction for Kindergarten and Primary Early French Immersion

CPF Ontario’s Response to the “Great to Excellent” Consultation by the Ministry of Education

In late 2013, the Ontario Ministry of Education asked organizations with an interest in education for their input on the future direction of Ontario’s Education.

You can read our response directly on our website, or download our answers as a PDF document.

You can also download the final report that the Ministry received after its provincial consultation: Great to Excellent: Launching the Next Stage of Ontario’s Education Agenda.

Halton District School Board

Open Letter to HDSB, November 2013, in response to their report 13150, November 2013

Case for EFI, Joseph Dicks, Second Language Research Institute of Canada, Sept 2008

Collision of Culture, Values and Education Policy, Scrapping EFI in NB, Max Cooke, CAE, 2010

Hours of French Instruction Graph re Grades K-8, 2011-12

Optimal Entry Point for FI, Joan Netten, University of Moncton Revue, 2007

Letter to HDSB Trustees from CPF, November 2013

Upper Grand District School Board

PowerPoint presentation: Proposed-changes-to-the-FSL-program-in-Upper-Grand-DSB

French Immersion and Extended French Programs

Starting or Expanding a French Immersion or Extended French Program

Students with Special Needs

Strategy in Special Education for French Immersion and Extended French Students CPF Ontario

Is Immersion Right for Students with Academic Challenges? Fred Genesee, PhD, in The State of French Second-Language Education in Canada 2008, Canadian Parents for French, pages 12-13.

Diversity in French Immersion Information for education professionals, consultants and specialists – Alberta Education.

Inclusion of Students with Diverse Needs in French Immersion SchoolsWhat School Administrators Need to Know – Alberta Education.

Diversity in French Immersion Classrooms A Quick Inclusion Guide for Teachers – Alberta Education.

Inclusive practice in French immersionMartine Pellerin, PhD, 2009.

Allophone Students

Opening the Doors to Official-Language Learning for Allophones Callie Mady, PhD

State of French-Second-Language Education in Canada 2010 see pages 5 – 9 for information on Allophones and FSL programs


Quotes on the importance of transportation to French immersion programs

Sample Briefs/Submissions

CPF Chapter submission to school board on transportation review

To Trillium District School Board, Ontario – Bus Them and They Will Come

Busing and Transportation Assistance Issue

Advocacy Letters

Press Release – “Halton Catholic Kids Deserve French Too!” by Yvette Alonso

Open letter to the Honourable Kelly Lamrock, Minister of Education, Province of New Brunswick

Letter to school council chairs York Region District School Board, Ontario

PowerPoint presentation to School Councils

Sample letter to a Minister of Education from a Chapter President

Sample letter from a Branch President to the Minister on the same issue

Sharing ideas and experiences- letter to parents in a BC chapter re experiences with transportation in Ontario

Sample Letter to YRDSB Trustees

Research & Reports

CPF Ontario Transportation Study 2001

CPF Ontario Transportation Study 2008

Ministries of Education Policies

Provincial Ministries that have policies on equitable access (review pages 10-12)

Student Transportation Grant

This grant provides school boards with funds to transport students to and from school, including the transportation of students with special needs. The Student Transportation Grant is made up of five allocations, with the total grant projected as $864.6 million in 2010-11:

Technical Paper – Funding Formulas

Ministry Memos and Other Documentation

School Board Funding Projections – Ontario

Funding (Ontario Ministry Memo) (Pages 7 and 8 deal with transportation)

Transportation (Ontario Ministry Memo)


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