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This form is only for students that have won at their school board regional competition and are moving on to the provincial Concours on May 5th, 2018, in Toronto. For students under the age of 18, this form must be completed by their parent/guardian.

Deadline to receive this form is April 6th, 2018


1. General Information

Student's First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Speech Title* (Must be in French and limited to 45 characters. Your speech title must be the same one used in the regional competition. If you are in the Impromptu Division, please write "Impromptu" as your speech title).

If your child is participating in the Impromptu Division, please indicate which resource they would like to view at the provincial concours (please choose one):

Current Grade: *
The category your child is presenting in: *

French Program Currently Enrolled in at school: *
Mailing Address * (including apt. number if applicable)
City/Town *
Province *
Postal Code (i.e. L4X 1M2)*
Home Phone *
(i.e. 905-366-1012)
Cell Phone
(i.e. 905-366-1012)
1st Parent/Guardian First Name*
1st Parent/Guardian Last Name*
2nd Parent/Guardian First Name
2nd Parent/Guardian Last Name
Parent/Guardian Email Address *
Do you have a sibling also competing in this event?* yesno
If yes, provide name of student

2. School Information

School Name (name in full)*

School Board *
If selected "other", provide school board name in full *
Name of French Teacher *

3. Linguistic Experiences

1 What is your home/first language? *
2 If your home/first language is not one of Canada's official languages, which Canadian official language did you learn first?
3 Do you speak additional languages at home other than English/French?*
  If yes...
which additional languages do you speak at home?
4 Are you from a home in which a parent speaks French on a regular basis?*
5 Are you from a home in which one or both parents speak French? *
6 Do you speak French at home? *
  If yes...
how often do you speak French at home?
7 Were you ever part of a student exchange program in a milieu where French was spoken regularly? *
  If yes...
Which country/province?
  How long was the program?
  How recent was your experience?
(Please specify with dates)
8 Have you ever studied abroad in French? *
  If yes...
Which country?
  How long was the program?
  How recent was your experience?
(Please specify with dates)
9 In the past three years, have you benefited linguistically from living in a community where French was spoken on a regular basis? *
  If yes...
Which country/province?
  How long was the program?
  How recent was your experience?
(Please specify with dates)
10 Have you ever studied in a francophone (French First Language) school for at least one year in the past four years? *
  If you answered yes to the above question, for how many years?
What was the last grade you completed there?
11 Do you have any additional linguistic experiences in French? *
  If you answered yes to the above question, please cite specific examples (i.e. summer bursary, work experience, etc.)
12 Have you previously participated in the Concours et festival d'art oratoire at the provincial level? *
  If you answered yes to the above question, what year?
In which category?


Signature and Declaration

Parent consent required if participant is under 18

Click on the applicable link to read the Rules for Concours:

  • Traditional Division
  • Impromptu Division
  • I declare that I am the*

    I declare that I agree to have my child photographed/video recorded during the course of the Concours. I understand that such photographs and/or recordings may be used by Canadian Parents for French (Ontario) and the Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association (OMLTA) on their social media platforms for advertising and publicity purposes*.

    By checking this box and typing my name below, I certify that the information contained in this form is complete and correct under penalty of disqualification from the Concours et festival d’art oratoire. I acknowledge that the speech is the student’s original work and that it violates no copyrights. I accept that decisions taken by CPF Ontario and the OMLTA are final. Evaluation forms will not be returned to the students*.


    I have read and understood the Rules, and consent to participate in this event*.

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