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CPF was founded in 1977 by parents who wanted to ensure that children would have the opportunity to become bilingual in the Canadian school system. Originally a small group of concerned parents who met in Ottawa, CPF has evolved into a proactive national network with 10 Branch offices and some 150 Chapters in communities from coast to coast.

CPF Halton is a local chapter of CPF Ontario branch which serves the areas covered by the Halton District School Board (Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Georgetown).  The local chapter is comprised of volunteer parents and educators.  We depend on new volunteers to participate in order to keep up the work required to consult with the HDSB, organize and fund events to support French programs (core and immersion) at our schools and in our community.  So please contact us if you are interested in helping out!

Also contact us for funding assistance of school programs and events in French.

Interested in French Classes?  Please scroll down to "Events" below to find out more and to register.  Merci.

Chapter News

On June 1st, the staff of the Halton District School Board tabled a report recommending that French Immersion be moved to a Grade 2 start with 100% French instead of the current Grade 1 start with 50% French. CPF supports an early start in Grade 1, a best practice supported by research with 100% French to Grade 3 or 4.

A final decision on this report will be made by the trustees at their public meeting on Wednesday, June 15th. If you are interested in providing input (i.e. a delegation) on Monday, June 13th, please contact the HDSB , please click on the following link for information on how you can do so: http://www.hdsb.ca/BoardroomTrustees/Pages/DelegatingtheBoard.aspx

For the full report, please click here:

We would also advise you to speak to your local school trustee about any concerns you may have. Here is a link to the current list of school trustees for the HDSB: http://www.hdsb.ca/BOARDROOMTRUSTEES/Pages/TrusteePage.aspx

To access the position papers of Canadian Parents for French Halton and Canadian Parents for French Ontario, please click on the last two links under "Resources" on the right ==>

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How FSL funding works:


Open Letter from A.C.P.I. to Minister of Education in response to New Brunswick- Eliminating and relaunching early FI (written by Joseph Dicks)


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