TFO’s French educational resources now free for English school boards

//TFO’s French educational resources now free for English school boards

TFO’s French educational resources now free for English school boards

TFO Éducation is a website that hosts a collection of over 5,0000 multimedia educational resources that can be used by teachers in the classrooms and by children and parents at home when enrolled in an FSL program.

These resources used to be available to Ontario’s English schools on a paid-subscription basis. So for the past three years, every time CPF Ontario met with the Minister of Education and her senior staff, we insisted that – just like for the French school boards – TFO Éducation should be available at no cost to English schools boards to allow them to enrich their FSL programming.

Our efforts proved worthwhile on August 27, 2014, when the Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs and Groupe Média TFO, announced that the Ontario Government will now provide the 60 English school boards with free access to TFO Éducation.

Watch a short clip of the official announcement, which took place at the TFO headquarters in Toronto (to be precise, in the actual studio set of one of their shows for children – Mini TFO!):

So what does the TFO Éducation collection have?

It includes educational videos such as those from Mini TFO, online games, mobile apps, and electronic books. For some of these resources, TFO Éducation offers help guides in English for parents who don’t speak French but have children in an FSL program.

This other video will give you a taste of what to expect from TFO Éducation:

If your child’s teacher is not yet using TFO Éducation, all they need to do to get started is activate their account using their school board email address.

Once their account is active, ask them how you can access these resources with your child at home.

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