Minister of Education, Mitzie Hunter, joined our round-table discussion on student well-being at the November 9-10, 2016 Congress entitled “Partners in Dialogue”.

This provincial event focused on ensuring equity, promoting well being, and developing public confidence in publicly-funded education in Ontario.  The highlights included a youth panel on equity and well-being, insights from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission presented by Charlene Bearhead, and sessions on “Collaborative Professionalism” and “Early Years”.

While the dialogue was broad in scope, our four CPF Ontario representatives, President Mary Cruden, Vice-President Mary Anne Alton, Executive Director Betty Gormley, and Sabena De Mel President of our Ottawa Chapter, were able to make links to valuing French as a Second Languages programs, valuing the parent voice, fostering  a trusting environment, sharing ideas to achieve common objectives and relying on research evidence to support decision making.

Let’s keep playing well with our partners and supporting students and parents!


Photo: Minister of Education Mitzie Hunter (Centre) with

(Left) Betty Gormley, Executive Director of Canadian Parents for French (Ontario) and

(Right) Sabena De Mel, President of the CPF Ottawa Chapter