Attached below are multiple resources, tools and lesson plans to help support you with the organization, introduction and participation of the new Impromptu Category.

Organizing the Concours at the Board Level:

1-Concours countdown for School Boards

2-Organization of the Impromptu Category

Organizing the Concours at the Classroom Level: 

A Teacher’s Guide for Conducting the Concours d’Art Oratoire:

1-Concours countdown for Schools

How to Build Spontaneous Talk

1-How to Build Confidence for Spontaneous Talk 

2-How to Build Confidence for Spontaneous Talk (French)

3-Questions for Talking Cube

How to Prepare for the Concours Impromptu Activities

1-How to Read a Photo

2-Comment Analyser les Photographies, French Version

3-Criteria for Choosing Photographs for Classroom Practice

4-Communication Orale

5-How to Explore Oral Comprehension Sources (Audio or Video)

6-Guide pour explorer les sources de compréhension orale (audio ou vidéo)

7-Criteria for Choosing Audio or Video Documents for Classroom Practice

Lesson Plans for the Concours Impromptu Category

Audio Lesson Plans

1-Concours oratoire A1+ Audio Lesson Plan

2-Concours oratoire A2 Audio Lesson Plan

3-Concours oratoire B1 Audio Lesson Plan

4-Concours oratoire B2 Audio Lesson Plan

Cube Lesson Plan

1-Lesson plans for Talking Cubes A1 to B2

2-Lesson plans photos A1 to B2

3-A1 cubes 6 Core

4-A2 Cubes 6 Immersion 8 Core

5-A2 Cubes 9 Core

6-B1 Cubes 9 Extended/Immersion 10 Core

7-B1 Cubes 10 Extended/Immersion 11 Core

8-B1 Cubes 11 Immersion 12 Core

9-B1 Cubes 12 Core

10-B2 Cubes 11 Extended/Immersion

11-B2 Cubes 12 Extended/Immersion

Practice Photos

1-A1 Practice Photos Grade 6 and Grade 7

2-A2 Practice Photos Grade 6 and Grade 7

3-A2 Practice Photos Grade 8

4-A2 Practice Photos Grade 9

5-B1 Practice Photos Grade 11 Core 10 Immersion

6-B1 Practice Photos Grade 12 Core

7-B2 Practice Photos Grade 12 Immersion

8-B2 Practice Photos Grade 11 Immersion

9-B1 Practice Photos Grade 10 Core 9 Immersion