Impromptu Concours Resources and Tools

Impromptu Concours Resources and Tools 2018-01-24T13:47:45-05:00

Attached below are multiple resources, tools and lesson plans to help support you with the organization, introduction, and participation in the Impromptu concours.

Organizing the Concours at the Board Level:

1-Concours countdown for School Boards

2-Organization of the Impromptu Category

Organizing the Concours at the Classroom Level: 

A Teacher’s Guide for Conducting the Concours d’Art Oratoire:

1-Concours countdown for Schools

How to Build Spontaneous Talk

1-How to Build Confidence for Spontaneous Talk 

2-How to Build Confidence for Spontaneous Talk (French)

3-Questions for Talking Cube

How to Prepare for the Concours Impromptu Activities

1-How to Read a Photo

2-Comment Analyser les Photographies, French Version

3-Criteria for Choosing Photographs for Classroom Practice

4-Communication Orale

5-How to Explore Oral Comprehension Sources (Audio or Video)

6-Guide pour explorer les sources de compréhension orale (audio ou vidéo)

7-Criteria for Choosing Audio or Video Documents for Classroom Practice

Lesson Plans for the Concours Impromptu Category

Audio Lesson Plans

1-Concours oratoire A1+ Audio Lesson Plan

2-Concours oratoire A2 Audio Lesson Plan

3-Concours oratoire B1 Audio Lesson Plan

4-Concours oratoire B2 Audio Lesson Plan

Cube Lesson Plan

1-Lesson plans for Talking Cubes A1+ to B2

2-Lesson plans photos A1+ to B2

3-A1+ cubes 6 Core

4-A2 Cubes 6 Immersion 8 Core

5-A2 Cubes 9 Core

6-B1 Cubes 9 Extended/Immersion 10 Core

7-B1 Cubes 10 Extended/Immersion 11 Core

8-B1 Cubes 11 Immersion 12 Core

9-B1 Cubes 12 Core

10-B2 Cubes 11 Extended/Immersion

11-B2 Cubes 12 Extended/Immersion

Practice Photos

1-A1+ Practice Photos Grade 6 and Grade 7

2-A2 Practice Photos Grade 6 and Grade 7

3-A2 Practice Photos Grade 8

4-A2 Practice Photos Grade 9

5-B1 Practice Photos Grade 11 Core 10 Immersion

6-B1 Practice Photos Grade 12 Core

7-B2 Practice Photos Grade 12 Immersion

8-B2 Practice Photos Grade 11 Immersion

9-B1 Practice Photos Grade 10 Core 9 Immersion



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